Digital investigation unit harnessing technology to solve cases

Avera Health Expands Women’s, Children’s and Digestive Health Services; Attorney General Receives Funding for Technology Enhancements in Law Enforcement; Garretson Gazette’s Garrick Moritz Takes Over as Dakota Political Junkie; New Program to Support Women and Trans Musicians; SDPB Previews Episode on Juvenile Justice Progress

Today, we have some exciting news to share with you. Avera Health announced plans to expand their women’s, children’s, and digestive health services. Chief Nursing Officer Tamera Larsen-Engelkes shared the details of this expansion during a recent press conference.

Meanwhile, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley had a successful legislative session and is now receiving funds to create a digital investigation unit and expand how law enforcement uses technology. This will help the state stay ahead of the curve in terms of crime prevention and investigation.

In other news, Garretson Gazette editor Garrick Moritz took over as our Dakota Political Junkie this week, diving into the controversy and compromise surrounding Senate Bill 201. The bill has been at the center of much debate in recent months, but Moritz believes that it is ultimately a positive step for the state.

We also learned about a new program aimed at helping women and trans musicians take the leap from open mic to professional performances. This initiative is being offered by local music organizations and promises to provide valuable support and resources for aspiring musicians.

Finally, SDPB’s Jackie Hendry previewed her upcoming “South Dakota Focus” episode on juvenile justice. She sees this story as hopeful, highlighting progress being made in rehabilitating young offenders and reducing recidivism rates in the state.

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