New Puppy Store Coming to Roanoke Mall

Waggles Boutique Opens Second Puppy Store with Dedication to Healthy and Well-Socialized Pups in Late June

Waggles Puppy Boutique is set to open its second store in late June at Valley View Mall. The new location will feature 14 kennels on the second floor, with each pup costing an average of $2,000. This will be the company’s second store, with its first store currently open in Port Charlotte, Florida, and about 20 more locations in development.

Kerry Rod, the chief operating officer of Waggles, shared that the focus of the store is on providing healthy and well-socialized puppies while working closely with new families to find their perfect fit for forever homes. Waggles is committed to this mission after years of experience in placing puppies and enhancing breeding standards while prioritizing their health and welfare in-store operations.

Waggles will take over the same location where a previous pet store called Puppy Love Inc. operated until August 2022. Despite the closure of the previous store, state records show that Puppy Love is no longer active, and there is no connection between Waggles and Puppy Love. The new store at Valley View Mall will offer a unique approach to finding your next furry family member.

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