Scientists: A Hot, Rocky Planet with Double the Size of Earth Possesses a Dense Atmosphere

Unraveling the Mysteries of Super Earth 55 Cancri e: The Cosmic Puzzle Solver

In the nearby solar system, a super Earth has been discovered that is twice the size of Earth and has a significant atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This planet, known as 55 Cancri e, is one of the few rocky planets outside our solar system with a thick atmosphere. Researchers have used the Webb Space Telescope to study this super Earth and differentiate between the light emitted by the planet and its star. By analyzing gases from its magma oceans, scientists hope to uncover clues about planetary evolution in early stages. Despite its boiling temperatures reaching up to 4,200 degrees Fahrenheit (2,300 degrees Celsius), studying this super Earth could provide valuable insights into the evolution of planets like Earth and Mars.

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