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The Lapland Terns: Adapting to Climate Change through Resilience on their Migratory Journeys

The Lapland terns, known for their remarkable adaptability, face challenges with food availability during the nesting season. These migratory birds have developed a lifestyle that enables them to cope with climate change as they travel long distances. Researchers have studied their journeys and modeled potential changes in response to varying levels of climate emissions.

During their spring migration from Antarctic waters in March-April, the terns stop to refuel along the way. While they may encounter some challenges with food depletion in the North Atlantic during the nesting season (May-August), they are adaptable and able to cope with some loss in food supply. Their resilience is evident as they continue on their migratory route.

On their return migration in August-October, the terns feed in nutrient-rich areas off the southwest coast of Africa and the southern Indian Ocean. Despite potential challenges with changing sea currents in the North Atlantic during the nesting season, these birds are able to find ample food sources on their migratory route. Their adaptability allows them to thrive in different regions.

Researchers predict that the terns will also have sufficient food sources in Antarctic waters between October and March. While they may encounter stronger headwinds, these birds are able to fish for krill crustaceans and rest on sea ice during this time. Their ability to adapt has allowed them to survive changing climate conditions.

In conclusion, the Lapland terns have demonstrated remarkable resilience by adapting to various challenges on their migratory journeys. Through their research, scientists have gained insights into how these birds navigate vast distances and varying food availability to survive in different regions.

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