Concord Monitor’s Monitor Sports introduces new weekly newsletter

Sports enthusiasts: Get ready for your weekly dose of local coverage with Monitor Sports’ new sports newsletter

On Wednesday, May 1, 2024, the Generals’ third base was filled with excitement as Colby Smith dove headfirst while Joey Dykstra from John Stark watched the throw. Chip Griffin captured the moment. In response to our commitment to providing comprehensive coverage of local sports, Monitor Sports has launched a new sports newsletter that will be delivered directly to your inbox every Friday.

This email is sent by Eric Rynston-Lobel and will include a summary of the previous week’s feature stories and game coverage, complete with clickable links to full articles and photos. The newsletter will also provide an outline of our planned coverage for the upcoming high school games and a link to our Monitor Sports Podcast featuring Rynston-Lobel and Dan Attorri.

To subscribe to this newsletter, simply click here and you will be added to our mailing list. We assure you that this newsletter will only be sent once a week so as not to overwhelm your inbox. It won’t just be a list of stories but will also include excerpts from published content and highlight major headlines, allowing you to explore further on our website.

You can view our inaugural newsletter by clicking here.

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