JCB Introduces State-of-the-Art Technology Class in Oswego County

John C. Birdlebough High School’s Robotics Class: Hands-On Learning and Interactive Problem Solving

A group of six dedicated technology students at John C. Birdlebough High School recently completed a class focused on robotics as part of the JCB Integrated Manufacturing Program. Under the guidance of technology teacher Corey Szyikowski, these students – Tyler Bertrand, Tallen Prior, Abby Spade, Ed Kelly, Cody Hager, and Zach Henderson – delved into the intricacies of robotics and basic programming.

The class offered ample opportunities for problem-solving skills to be developed as the students had hands-on experience with VEX Robotics and Dobot Robotics. They learned about manufacturing processes, assembly lines, and conveyor belts. Their hard work culminated in a project where they designed a small-scale factory to assemble LEGO cars. To succeed in this project, they had to create an assembly line and coordinate two different systems to work together seamlessly.

Abby Spade particularly enjoyed the hands-on nature of the program and emphasized the active engagement in class activities. She also appreciated the small class size and collaborative environment that allowed them to work effectively together. Junior Ed Kelly saw this program as a stepping stone towards his dream of becoming an engineer. He valued the interactive learning environment that allowed students to actively participate in changing outcomes through practical application.

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