Mitiga, an Israeli cyber start-up, advances to the finals of the Sandbox innovation competition.

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity: Mitiga’s Innovative Solutions for Cloud Protection

Mitiga is a cybersecurity company that offers advanced capabilities in visibility, threat detection, investigation, and response to attacks in cloud environments and SaaS applications. The company’s goal is to enhance organizations’ Cyber Command (SOC) capabilities in the cloud era by reducing the time needed to identify, investigate, and respond to threats from over 200 days to just a few hours.

Founded in 2019 by Tal Mozes, Mitiga is led by Tal Mozes as CEO, Ofer Maor as CTO, and Ariel Farnes as COO. The founders are serial entrepreneurs in the cybersecurity field, having previously founded successful companies that were later acquired by industry leaders. Mitiga has raised $45 million in funding, with a significant investment from Cisco’s investment arm.

The company employs 60 people, with 40 in Israel and plans to expand its workforce in offices in New York and London. Mitiga’s managed service clients include 500 leading organizations, including Fortune 500 companies that rely on the company’s solutions for cloud protection.

Mitiga’s focus on innovation, customer expansion, and employee growth has been supported by its successful funding rounds, enabling the company to develop cutting-edge products and services for its global clientele. Through its advanced capabilities in threat management and response, Mitiga plays a crucial role in today’s cybersecurity landscape, offering Israeli technology solutions to organizations worldwide.

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