Cryo-biopsy assists in expediting decision-making for breast cancer surgery direction

Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis: The Accuracy of Frozen Biopsy Method in Detecting Tumors

The frozen biopsy method is a crucial tool for doctors to diagnose and treat various types of tumors with high accuracy. After 15-30 minutes of rapid histopathological testing, the doctor can determine whether a tumor is benign or malignant with an accuracy rate of 92%. This information allows the surgeon to decide on the most suitable surgical direction for the patient.

Dr. Nguyen Van Thai, Deputy Pathologist at Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, explained that frozen biopsy is conducted concurrently with surgery to determine the nature of tumors, body tissues, or lymph nodes. Based on the 92% accurate results, the surgeon can provide appropriate treatment guidance, ultimately improving the success rate of surgery and subsequent treatment.

Frozen biopsy is also useful in evaluating whether there are still malignant cells present in the margin section during melanoma surgery, enabling doctors to plan suitable follow-up treatments. This approach allows patients to undergo only one surgery to address both diagnostic biopsy and surgical treatment, optimizing efficiency in patient care. Dr. Huynh Ba Tan from the Department of Breast Surgery at Tam Anh General Hospital highlighted the importance of frozen biopsy in enabling accurate surgical decisions and preventing the need for repeat surgeries based solely on medical experience.

In cases of early-stage breast cancer, frozen sentinel lymph node biopsy is crucial, especially when there are no apparent abnormalities in axillary lymph nodes observed through ultrasound and mammogram results. The sentinel lymph node, as the primary node within the lymphatic drainage path of malignant cells, plays a critical role in determining the risk of cancer cell spread to other lymph nodes in the armpit. By removing the sentinel lymph node and assessing for malignant cells, doctors can make informed decisions regarding further treatment steps for the patient.

Prior to the adoption of frozen sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast cancer patients typically underwent

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