Science Fair 2024 at Wolf Creek

Resilience and Scientific Exploration: Oglala Lakota College Hosts Annual Science Fair Amid Challenges

In April, Oglala Lakota College hosted its annual Reservation Wide Science Fair, featuring over 100 students. Despite the challenges they faced, the students managed to complete 12 projects. From January to April, these students worked tirelessly on their project ideas, conducting research and choosing topics that sparked their scientific interests. They reviewed the Hypothesis and Scientific Method before beginning their projects.

Despite facing difficulties, the students persevered and showcased their dedication, research skills, and talents in each project. The teacher is incredibly proud of their hard work and congratulates Wolf Creek 7-8 grade students on completing their projects.

The projects completed by these 7th and 8th graders were diverse in nature and included a range of topics such as water quality, exposure to room temperature chemical breakdown, comparison of minty and bubble gum, comparing name brand to generic potato chips, bacteria growth, chemical reactions, growing crystals, a social project involving plants, design and engineering of a rocket, design and engineering of a cardboard hand operated by strings, and a chemical reaction involving eggs and vinegar. Each project demonstrated the students’ creativity

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