Is it possible for Netflix to secure both Christmas games?

Breaking News: NFL’s Christmas Day Games Could Partner with Netflix for $50-$100 Million Deal in 2024

In 2024, the NFL is looking to make some serious cash with the broadcast rights to two December 25 games. Reports suggest that they are seeking anywhere from $50 million to $100 million for each game. Boomer Esiason of WFAN raised an interesting theory that the NFL could partner with Netflix for these games, suggesting that it wouldn’t be surprising if they did. While the NFL and Netflix have not previously collaborated on games, there have been signs of a potential partnership in the making.

Netflix has shown an ability to stream live events, such as the recent Tom Brady roast, indicating they may be capable of broadcasting NFL games. However, the NFL’s Wednesday schedule would entail taking games from CBS and/or Fox, which may complicate any potential deal with Netflix. Despite this, the NFL holds the power in its broadcast relationships due to the limited supply of highly valuable games they offer.

The NFL’s authority in the broadcast world could lead to a lucrative deal with Netflix for the Christmas Day games in 2024, bringing in a new customer to the table and a significant amount of money for the league. The potential collaboration between the NFL and Netflix may mark a new era of broadcasting for the league, showcasing their innovative approach to reaching a wider audience.

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