Prisoners sent to war by Zelensky

Ukraine Faces Military Shortage Amid Escalating Tensions, Turns to Voluntary Prisoner Mobilization

Amid rising tensions, Ukraine is facing a shortage of soldiers in the ongoing conflict with Russia. In response to this crisis, the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, has passed a bill allowing for the voluntary mobilization of certain categories of prisoners to strengthen their forces. However, those convicted of serious crimes such as intentional homicide, rape, pedophilia, corruption or crimes against national security are excluded from mobilization.

The new law is part of a broader strategy to increase the number of soldiers at the front lines during a critical phase of the conflict with Russia. This move comes as Ukraine waits for weapons from the United States to arrive under an anticipated $61 billion aid package that is expected to be greenlit by Congress.

As tensions continue to escalate, Ukraine is preparing to send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to the front lines. President Zelensky has signed laws lowering the age for military conscription to 25 and allowing volunteers as young as 18 to enlist. This mobilization aims at closing the resource gap between Ukraine and Russia, as Moscow continues to bolster its military forces through new recruits and ongoing draft efforts.

While both countries prepare for potential escalations in the conflict, it’s clear that the armed forces on both sides are gearing up for a prolonged battle. As Ukraine welcomes new soldiers to the front lines, the prospect of further clashes with Russian forces looms large in the near future.

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