A technician puts a wise collar on a camel in Tumxuk, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous area. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

With the assistance of contemporary technologies, herders in Tumxuk, Northwest China”s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous area no longer require to be concerned about camel herding and penning, an activity that made use of to be a headache for them, Chinanews.com reported on Wednesday.

Camel breeding has develop into an critical supply of regional revenue in that area more than current years. Ahead of, herders in this vast desert location could not get timely and correct information and facts about the movement of their livestock. Now, with the technologies-assisted agricultural projects getting promoted, points are having a lot easier and effective.

Camels wearing place sensors consume grass in the vast desert in Tumxuk, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous area. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

By installing a place sensor (a wise collar) on livestock and employing the herders’ mobile phones, it can attain true-time tracking of livestock and offer early warnings of intense climate to handle pastures efficiently. In addition to, an electronic fence can also be set on wise phones to protect against the camels from having lost.

According to the report, place tracking is just a key application of the technologies. Much more information and facts about the livestock can also be sent to the backend method by means of technological upgrades, forming an electronic file for camel wellness assessment. In addition to their activity and behavior, the camels’ temperature and wellness circumstances can also be monitored and transmitted to the herders’ phones by means of a WeChat mini-plan.

With the help of the intelligent technologies, regional herders can watch more than the camels by checking their wise phones and only have to come to the pasture just about every 5 or ten days compared to the daily grazing on the website just before.

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