Bally Sports reintroduces the “Legends Booth” for Braves vs Cardinals game on Wednesday

The Players-Only Booth: How Bally Sports is Revolutionizing Braves Baseball Broadcasts

Bally Sports has found success in appealing to Atlanta Braves fans with their unique approaches to broadcasting games. The upcoming game against the Chicago Cubs will feature a special “players only” booth, with a broadcasting team that includes Jeff Francoeur, Tom Glavine, Chipper Jones, and former catcher Brian McCann. This unconventional group of analysts is sure to create an exciting atmosphere for fans as they navigate the game without a traditional play-by-play man.

Of the four former players, Brian McCann is the only one without formal broadcast experience. This will add an interesting dynamic to the booth as they have to navigate the game without a traditional play-by-play man. In the previous broadcasts, Francoeur took the lead in doing play-by-play, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere for fans. The first iteration of this alternate broadcast was during a thrilling game against the New York Mets, which included 23 total runs, nine home runs, four lead changes, and twelve different pitchers taking the mound.

The success of the “Legends Booth” has led to merchandise and memorable moments for fans. The upcoming game against the Chicago Cubs is sure to be another exciting broadcast with this unconventional group of analysts. Braves fans can tune in at 7:20 PM ET to see how this players-only booth will call the game and the unique moments that may arise.

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