• Rebekah Jones’ son was arrested on Wednesday and released Thursday
  • Jones claimed Governor Ron DeSantis personally ordered the arrest
  • She became prominent in 2020 for leaking information allegedly displaying the Florida Division of Wellness was fabricating Covid numbers at DeSantis’ direction 

The 13-year-old son of a Florida ‘whistleblower’ who claimed Governor Ron DeSantis’ workplace fabricated Covid-19 statistics in the course of the pandemic was arrested right after allegedly threatening a college shooting.

Rebekah Jones took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to announce the arrest, which she alleged was personally ordered by DeSantis and carried out by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Workplace.

Jones stated her son was taken into custody more than memes he had sent in a private group chat which joked about college shootings— which includes one particular which created exciting of lazy college safety guards, and an additional which joked about getting tempted to grab a college safety guards’ guns.

But a police report released by the Sheriff’s workplace Thursday indicated the motivation for the arrest went beyond the memes, and recommended Jones had played down the gravity of the charges her son faces.

Footage from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Workplace showed Rebekah Jones bringing her 13-year-old son in for his arrest right after he was accused of threatening a college shooting

Cops allege Jones’ son had created many statements explicitly describing his need to shoot and stab students Holley Navarre Middle College, even going so far as to set a date for his planned rampage.

The boy was charged with ‘making written [or] electronic threats’ that he was organizing a ‘mass shooting [or] terrorist act.’ He was released Thursday right after denying that he wanted to carry out a shooting and placed beneath household detention, according to the Miami Herald. 

The arrest comes 3 weeks right after Jones filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the Florida Wellness Division demanding that she get her job back and obtain backpay and other damages. She was fired from the Division for insubordination in 2020 right after leaking information which the state stated was phony.

Rebekah Jones gained national focus in 2020 right after she accused the Florida Division of Wellness of falsifying their Covid-19 statistics at the path of Governor Ron DeSantis One particular of the snapchats that Jones’ son sent which prompted his arrest more than shooting fears

Jones stated that somebody who stated they had been the cousin of a classmate joined her son’s group chat, and later reported the memes and pictures her son shared to police, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Workplace confirmed to DailyMail.com that the pictures incorporate a SnapChat of a man drinking a box of Hi-C captioned ‘I’m feeling so silly I may possibly shoot up a constructing complete of individuals.’

It is unclear who the man in the image is, while he does not seem to be Jones’ son.  

A different showed an animated brain with a believed bubble illustrating an intrusive believed reading ‘Reach for officer’s gun,’ and captioned ‘Me every single time I see college safety.’

A third meme showed an overweight man asleep in a chair captioned ‘Cops in their vehicle waiting for the college shooter to kill himself so they can go in.’

Jones wrote on Twitter that the memes had been recored and report just a week right after she filed her suit against Florida.

‘A week right after we filed our lawsuit against the state, a kid claiming to be the cousin of one particular of my son’s classmates joined their snapchat group,’ she wrote. ‘They recorded their conversations, and anonymously reported my son to police for sharing a common world wide web meme.’

She stated her son is autistic and that police would not let him take his medication with him when he was arrested. 

According to the police report, warnings about Jones’ son had been raised just before an investigation into him was launched, Pensacola News Journal Reported.

A snapchat Jones’ son sent which he was arrested for more than fears of a college shooting plans A meme Jones’ son sent in a private group chat. Jones stated it was one particular of the factors her son was arrested more than fears he was organizing a college shooting

That report alleged Jones son had stated verbally and by means of text message points like  ‘I want to shoot up the college,’ and ‘If I get a gun I am gonna shoot up hnms lol.’ HMNS presumably stood for Holley Navarre Middle College.

Other messages allegedly read ‘I’m acquiring a wrath and organic choice shirt so perhaps but I do not assume numerous ppl know what the columbine shooters appear like.’

A noted in the report study ‘Okay so it is been like three-four weeks considering that I got on my new antidepressants and they are not operating but they are suppose to by now so I have no hope in acquiring much better so why not kill the losers at college.’

The boy allegedly stated he planned to carry out his shooting just before spring break, but pushed it back to March 31.

Jones has framed the arrest as a retaliatory try to silence her right after filing her lawsuit against the state.

‘It’s been 3 weeks considering that we filed our lawsuit against the state. Final evening, they arrested my son for non- threatening snapchat memes. The officer stated it was the state’s contact,’ she wrote.

‘My family members is not secure. My son has been taken on the gov’s orders, and I’ve had to send my husband and daughter out of state for their security. THIS is the reality of living in DeSantis’ Florida. There is no freedom right here. Only retaliatory rule by a fascist who wishes to be king.’

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