Worm partially devours brain of Robert Kennedy Jr, US presidential candidate

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Health Struggles: Battling a Brain-Eating Parasite Ahead of the Presidential Election

In an exclusive report, The New York Times revealed that White House candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. has been dealing with serious health issues due to a parasite that has caused noticeable cognitive problems. According to the investigation, the worm had eaten away part of his brain, leading to memory loss and other long-term health consequences.

Robert Kennedy Jr., the nephew of “JFK,” is an independent candidate in the upcoming presidential election against Joe Biden and Donald Trump. He is the son of former Democratic Attorney General and presidential candidate Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, and has been open about his struggles with mercury poisoning, which can contribute to neurological problems.

In a 2012 deposition consulted by the media, Robert Kennedy Jr. disclosed that doctors had diagnosed a parasite in his brain that had entered, eaten part of it, and died. Despite these challenges, he is said to be in good physical and mental health today. However, his opponents have taken aim at his health issues as a point of contrast with their own older ages.

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