Edgewood’s Richlin Ballroom shuts its doors after three decades of operation

Richlin Catering and Event Center Closes After 34 Years in Harford County: The Sudden Shock and Community Response

Richlin Catering and Event Center in Edgewood, Md., recently closed its doors after 34 years of service in Harford County. The sudden closure was announced through a message on their voicemail, stating the necessity of the decision. Those affected were directed to contact info@richlincatering.com for further assistance.

The closure of Richlin Ballroom has left many in the community surprised and looking for ways to help those impacted by the loss of this long-standing establishment in the area. Efforts are being made to obtain more details on the closure from Richlin Ballroom, but no official statement has been released yet.

One regular event held at Richlin Ballroom was line dancing hosted by Sandy Garrish with “Time 2 Live Better.” Their final class took place on Monday night before the closure was announced. Sandy Garrish shared the news on Facebook, expressing her disappointment and sadness over the loss of this beloved establishment.

As news of the closure spreads, businesses in Harford County and surrounding areas are reaching out on social media to offer support to those affected. Workers and individuals who had events planned at Richlin Ballroom are receiving offers of help and assistance during this challenging time. Some have even created a GoFundMe page to help those who have been negatively impacted by the closure.

Despite the sudden nature of the closure, it is clear that Richlin Ballroom will be deeply missed by many in the community who have relied on it for years as a go-to destination for events and gatherings. Efforts continue to provide support and comfort to those affected during this difficult time.

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