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Revolutionizing Manga Translation: Orange Inc. Employs AI for Faster, More Affordable Translations

A new Japanese startup, Orange Inc., has announced plans to use artificial intelligence to translate manga comics into English faster and more affordably than current methods. The company aims to increase the translation process by 90% and produce 500 English-language mangas per month, a significant increase from the industry’s current capacity. This technology aims to address the limited number of manga volumes released in English, which currently stands at only about two percent of Japan’s annual output of 700,000 manga volumes.

The $42.2 billion manga market is projected to be worth by 2030, highlighting the significant economic potential of this industry. Orange Inc. believes that utilizing AI technology will not only streamline the translation process but also help combat issues such as piracy, which costs the industry an estimated $5.5 billion annually. By partnering with major publisher Shogakukan and securing 2.92 billion yen ($19 million) in funding from various venture capital groups, Orange Inc. is poised to revolutionize the manga translation industry.

One of the unique challenges of translating manga lies in the nature of the Japanese language used in these comics, which often consists of short, colloquial sentences full of slang and cultural nuances. Orange’s marketing vice-president, Tatsuhiro Sato, emphasized the difficulty in accurately conveying these nuances, particularly when dealing with sounds, vertical text, and emotional nuances. The startup’s AI tool aims to address these challenges by providing faster and more accurate translations that capture the essence of the original text.

In addition to translating Japanese mangas into English, Orange Inc. also plans to expand its translation services to other languages in the future. By increasing the accessibility of manga to global audiences, the startup hopes to further solidify the global reach and impact of this beloved art form

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