Utilizing Diode Laser Technology for Efficient Laser Hair Removal

Nirvana: A Revolutionary Laser Hair Removal Device Sets New Standards for Efficacy, Comfort and Efficiency in the Market

Reveal Lasers, a leading innovator in the laser hair removal industry, has unveiled Nirvana, its latest device that is setting a new standard for efficacy, comfort, and efficiency. Nirvana boasts state-of-the-art 810nm diode laser technology and an impressive 1800 watts of power, delivering exceptional results. It offers customizable pulse durations ranging from five to 200 milliseconds and a rapid firing rate of 10Hz for precise and efficient treatment sessions.

Nirvana’s versatility and power make it suitable for treating most hair types and skin tones, providing patients with exceptional results with minimal discomfort. The ergonomic and lightweight handpiece design of Nirvana ensures total comfort for both patients and practitioners. Cory Murrell, Executive VP of Sales at Reveal Lasers, expressed excitement about introducing Nirvana to the market, highlighting its combination of power, versatility, and comfort.

According to Jim Palastra, Global Chief Operations Officer at Reveal Lasers, Nirvana represents a simple and refined approach to laser hair removal technology. Its adjustable cooling feature mitigates discomfort during treatment by numbing the skin and minimizing heat sensation caused by the laser. This enhances the overall patient experience, making the procedure more comfortable and reducing the likelihood of adverse reactions such as redness or swelling.

Reveal Lasers believes that Nirvana will be a top choice among patients and providers in the laser hair removal industry due to its superior performance capabilities. For more information about Nirvana and how to incorporate this new technology into your practice, visit the Reveal Lasers website. For further inquiries, contact Joshua Smith, VP of Marketing at Reveal Lasers.

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