Unveiling of the Maternity Statue in the Senate

New Maternity Statue Unveiled in the Senate: A Tribute to Motherhood and Women’s Rights

A statue of Maternity was unveiled this afternoon in the Senate, hidden under a red cloth near the refreshment stand. The sculpture by artist Vera Omodeo portrays a woman breastfeeding a newborn and received bipartisan applause during the unveiling ceremony with Ignazio La Russa leading the event. The President of the Senate described it as a tribute to all women. Serena, the sculptress’s daughter, was also present at the event.

The bronze statue, titled “From mother’s milk we come,” will temporarily be displayed inside Palazzo Madama. The decision to host the statue in the Senate came after a controversy in Milan where the municipal commission rejected its placement in Piazza Duse. La Russa explained that all group leaders and vice-presidents of the Senate agreed to showcase the artwork as a tribute to Mother’s Day.

During the unveiling ceremony, senators from different political parties emphasized the message of freedom of choice, support for motherhood, and family policies. Various senators highlighted the importance of recognizing women’s talents and promoting birth rates through cultural and economic means.

The presence of a female statue in the Senate was seen as a positive step towards acknowledging women’s roles and supporting mothers and future mothers. The event symbolized a call for policies that support mothers, families, and gender equality.

Overall, bipartisan support for this statue reflected shared commitment towards recognizing and celebrating motherhood and women’s choices.

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