Williams does Plano homework

Re: “We advocate — Williams for Plano City Council Location five,” Tuesday editorial.

Councilman Shelby Williams does not mince his words when asked for his opinion or implementation plans and schedules. I was in the audience in the course of the mid-March Plano council meeting on prospective regulations of quick-term rentals. Williams received a standing ovation for his discussion. Various other candidates mentioned they agreed with Williams and mentioned absolutely nothing else.

You are watching a future Texas governor, U.S. senator or beyond in the producing. He does his homework and is capable to cite information and figures to back up his discussion.

If you want to reelect a councilman who will function for the citizens of Plano, he is that individual. I noticed even the city manager was taking notes on Williams’ comments.

James Sherrard, Plano

Schools, economy rely on every other

Re: “Make Texas the spot to be for organization — Financial improvement incentives made by bill would enable state to stay competitive,” by Chris Wallace, Tuesday Opinion.

Wallace’s column citing the value of an financial improvement system is correct on point. The greatest way for Texas to remain competitive in attracting corporations is to present an incentive system. It is crucial to emphasize the optimistic influence such a system could have on college districts.

Billions of dollars have been invested into our neighborhood neighborhood and schools simply because of these agreements. The achievement of our schools depends on the jobs and income that neighborhood organization investments bring to the neighborhood and state economy.

When college districts can grant house tax limitations, they attract new corporations, which leads to improved financial improvement and new job possibilities. This boosts tax income, permitting schools to fund extracurricular applications, develop nicer facilities and attract extra higher-high-quality teachers.

Enhanced schools aid the city appeal to even extra corporations. This collaboration among college districts, corporations and cities assists produce a sustainable and prosperous neighborhood.

That is why it is crucial that lawmakers function with college districts to create an financial improvement system that positive aspects corporations, college districts, cities and the Texas economy.

H. D. Chambers, Houston

Executive director, Texas College Alliance

Schedule abortion bill hearings

When Roe vs. Wade was overturned final summer season, the Texas trigger law that passed in 2021 kicked in to outlaw abortions in Texas altogether. There was instant backlash from even the most conservative corners about the lack of exceptions for rape and incest, and the vague language about the exception to save the life of the mother.

Two clarifying bills have been introduced by Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin, in this session of the Texas Legislature. HB 979 identifies exceptions to the abortion ban, and HB 2215 offers essential clarification as to when physicians are legally permitted to execute an abortion.

A different, HB 647 modifies existing law regarding advance directives and do-not-resuscitate orders for pregnant ladies. All 3 bills are languishing in the Home Public Well being Committee correct now and have not been provided a hearing date.

There is overwhelming public help for these bills. If the chair of the Well being Care Reform Choose Committee, Rep. Stephanie Klick, R-Fort Worth, does not get these heard by the week soon after Easter, they shed any likelihood of becoming law.

Rep. Klick, please schedule these bills to be heard.

Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Dallas

Trump bewitches Texans

Re: “Trump attempting to safe Texas — Former president gets busy prior to DeSantis enters race,” Sunday news story.

Yes, American law enforcement has been on a witch hunt. And they have discovered the witch — Donald Trump! Cautious investigation, thousands of hours of testimony and reportedly scrupulous avoidance of partiality have revealed how quite a few U.S. laws have been broken and skirted. And but, he has bewitched thousands of Texans into excusing him and believing what ever emotional items he says are accurate, no matter how senseless. How could he do that if he wasn’t a witch?

Paula Craig, Dallas/Oak Cliff

Trump enjoys rights denied Jan. six

With Donald Trump’s indictment by the New York Southern District comes the correct to a fair and speedy trial whereby he is presumed innocent till confirmed guilty. That correct is constitutional and is assured by the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments. Flashback to Jan. six, 2021, and the attack on our democratic method and the rule of law. Ironic is not it?

Paul Dreimiller, Plano

Can we aid Ukraine with eggs?

Re: “Woman maintaining Ukraine pysanky egg tradition alive — The intricate crafts are produced in the course of Easter, other holidays,” Tuesday Metro &amp Enterprise story.

I enjoyed the story of the lady in Hudson who creates the classic pysanky eggs, a tradition in Ukraine. I hoped the story would involve a way to order a single of these gorgeous eggs, which are typically applied at Easter. I would enjoy to personal a single of them to add to Easter traditions I appreciate at residence.

Possibly they are also fragile or also highly-priced to ship, but this is a single extra way to honor Ukraine, a nation suffering so terribly. The eggs are also made for other holidays in the course of the year. Could you do a comply with-up story to see if it is doable to personal a single of these pysanky eggs?

Mary Mallardi, Far North Dallas

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