Exciting showcase for young inventors and STEM enthusiasts at the School of the Future

Innovation Day Showcases Croatian Students’ Robotic and Technological Advancements

On Saturday, Infobip’s “Alpha Centauri” campus in Zagreb will host Innovation Day, a showcase of robots, innovation, and new ideas from students across Croatia. This educational project, led by STEMI, Infobip, and A1, has been ongoing for four years and will feature the finalists of this year’s STEMwave program. Over 500 students and 100 teachers have spent the last six months creating dancing robots, AI applications, and IOT programs.

The chatbot project by Orehovica elementary school’s sixth-grade students also received recognition. Mentor Tanja Oreški highlighted the key factors for success, including diligence, teamwork, and respect for all ideas.

Another accomplished team from Bjelovar High School faced technical challenges and had to adjust their busy schedule to excel in the competition. Their mentor emphasized the importance of engaging students and maintaining their interest throughout the project. The victory has motivated students and enhanced their school’s reputation, stimulating interest in STEM fields.

Teams such as the one from Rovišće Elementary School demonstrated impressive teamwork, innovation, and persistence in creating their Hexapod robot. The victory has motivated students and enhanced their school’s reputation while stimulating interest in STEM fields. Lastly, the students from Bjelovar Technical School were awarded for their initiative in building hexapods inspiring other students to take on challenges and make a difference. Mentor Ljudevit Sakal’s teaching of robotics has gained popularity following their victory showcasing the impact of participating in innovation projects at Infobip’s “Alpha Centauri” campus during Innovation Day on Saturday.

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