Top Helsinki Stock Exchange Stocks with Highest Returns in 2022

Helsinki Stock Exchange: Top Ten Most Popular Stocks and Investor Trends in 2021

The Helsinki Stock Exchange recently published a list of the top ten most popular stocks among its investors. Despite some fluctuations in ownership numbers, the ranking of the most popular stocks remained relatively stable.

One interesting trend that emerged was that the stock with the largest decrease in ownership actually had the best returns at the beginning of the year. On the other hand, a stock that had fallen significantly in the past year attracted new owners. For instance, Nordea, a banking group, saw an increase of 5,400 owners thanks to their strong financial results at the start of 2021.

Neste, an oil refining company, had the worst annual return among popular stocks with a 32% drop in share price. However, they still managed to attract over 15,000 new owners at the beginning of the year. Another notable change was Fortum moving into third place on the list of most owned stocks, surpassing Mandatum. Kesko also replaced Wärtsilä on this list.

Nokia once held top spot as most owned stock but saw a significant decrease in ownership numbers at the start of 2021. Despite this setback, Nokia’s price performance was impressive and increased by around 14% since then. Overall, while there were some fluctuations in ownership numbers and rankings among popular stocks on Helsinki Stock Exchange’s list, it remains an exciting market for investors to watch.

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