Gulf stocks experience strong weekly performance, with the exception of Qatar

GCC Stock Markets Show Positive Performance, With Qatar Being the Only Country to Experience a Decline

Last week, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries’ stock markets showed mostly positive performance. In Saudi Arabia, the market index rose by 0.8%, reaching a record high of 12,352 points. Kuwait also experienced a slight increase of 0.16%, closing at 7,033.48 points.

On the other hand, Qatar was the only country in the GCC region to see a decline in its stock index. It dropped by 0.28% and closed at 9,610.80 points. In Oman, the Muscat Stock Exchange index surged by an impressive 1.27%, reaching a new record high of 4773.30 points.

The Bahrain General Index also saw an increase of 0.58% last week and closed at a new record high of 2,028.59 points in Bahrain. Overall, most countries in the GCC region recorded positive gains in their stock markets, with only Qatar experiencing a slight decline compared to others.

In conclusion, while some countries experienced slight declines or small gains last week, most Gulf Cooperation Council countries saw positive performance in their stock markets overall.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is comprised of six Arab countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The GCC has been working together for more than five decades to promote economic development and regional stability.

The GCC economies are known for their vast natural resources such as oil and gas reserves that have fueled rapid economic growth over the past few decades.

However, recent years have seen diversification efforts to reduce reliance on oil and gas exports and foster sustainable economic growth across different sectors such as finance, tourism and manufacturing.


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