Entrepreneur Turns Passion for Baseball into Successful Glove-Making Business in Long Beach: The Story of Soto Gloves

From Leather Saddles to Custom Gloves: How Marco Soto’s Love for Baseball Inspired a Successful Business in Long Beach, California

In Long Beach, California, Marco Soto has built a successful glove-making business that is rooted in his love for baseball. As a child growing up in Mexico, Soto’s grandfather crafted him his first glove from leather saddles and whips. This gift sparked a lifelong passion for the game that led Soto to pursue his own custom glove business.

When Soto attended high school at Long Beach Poly in the 1990s, his teammates were fascinated by his unique glove with his name on it. This piqued interest led Soto to start his own business where players could create their own custom gloves. Today, Soto Gloves offers a personalized experience that allows players to choose the shape, style, size, and color of their glove using a special software program.

Soto takes great pride in creating high-quality gloves that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Each glove is handmade to order and broken in before being shipped out to ensure optimal performance and durability. With over 1,800 custom orders currently fulfilled, Soto Gloves stands out from other glove manufacturers due to its attention to detail and personal touch.

For Marco Soto, baseball has always been more than just a game – it’s a way of life. He brings this passion to every aspect of his business, from designing gloves to providing excellent customer service. Located in Signal Hill, California, Soto Gloves continues to be a go-to destination for players looking for unique equipment that reflects their individual style and preferences.

If you’re interested in learning more about Soto Gloves or want to design your own custom glove, visit their website today!

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