Former Speaker Paul Ryan: Trump and Biden Equally Harmful to the Economy

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan Critiques Economic Policies of 2024 Presidential Candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump in Interview with Yahoo Finance

During a recent interview with Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Akiko Fujita, former House Speaker Paul Ryan shared his thoughts on the economic agendas of 2024 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Ryan expressed concern over both candidates’ economic policies, stating that he believes they are both bad for the economy. When discussing Trump, Ryan emphasized that he believes the former president lacks the necessary “character” to lead the country and criticized his stance on tariffs, calling it “bad economics” that will harm American businesses’ competitiveness. On the other hand, Ryan also criticized Biden’s plans to increase taxes on small and medium-sized businesses, labeling them as poor economic policies.

Despite his criticisms of both candidates, Ryan stated that if he had to choose between the two, he would prefer Trump’s agenda, believing that he would be better on regulations and taxes. However, Ryan made it clear that he will not be voting for either candidate on Election Day and instead plans to write in a Republican candidate of his choice.

For more insights from the interview with Paul Ryan, viewers can click on the link provided to watch the full video on Yahoo Finance. Additionally, for expert analysis and the latest market updates, viewers can watch the full episode of Market Domination by clicking on the link provided at the end of this article.

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