The Mental Health Benefits of Birdsong: Exploring the Science

Finding Peace in the Twitter of Birds: How Drew Ackerman Overcame Insomnia with Sound Therapy

In this episode, Drew Ackerman, also known as Scooter from Sleep With Me Podcast, talks about his personal struggle to fall asleep. He has always had trouble calming his mind, especially as a child when worries would keep him awake at night. For the show, he tried a science-backed practice to help ease stress: listening to the twitter of birds. Drew found that the recordings of birdsong reminded him of peaceful summer afternoons, transporting him to a different time and place. Research shows that different sounds can have varying effects on us, with birdsong often lowering our body’s stress responses. For Drew, this relaxation helped him become sleepier.

Joining Drew in the discussion are Emil Stobbe, a post-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany, Jesper Alvarsson, a professor of Psychology at Södertörn University in Sweden and Eleanor Ratcliffe, a professor of Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey in the UK who contributes her expertise on how we can use nature to improve our sleep quality.

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