DOE introduces funding opportunity of $60-70M for Quantum Information Science – Analysis of High-Performance Computing News

Exploring the Frontiers of Quantum Information Science: The DOE SC Program in HEP’s Quest for Discovery and Innovation.

In 2024, the DOE SC program in High Energy Physics (HEP) announced that it is seeking interdisciplinary applications for open scientific research in Quantum Information Science (QIS) Enabled Discovery (QuantISED). This initiative aligns with the program’s mission to explore the fundamental workings of the universe. More information about this opportunity can be found on the program’s website.

Successful applications will contribute to an exploratory program aimed at developing and implementing innovative solutions for scientific discovery that will advance HEP science objectives and support research and technology in QIS for the benefit of the public. The QIS subprogram of HEP has been in development through workshops and funding opportunities in recent years and is part of a larger SC initiative in QIS, working in collaboration with national and interagency QIS programs.

The QIS subprogram within HEP goes beyond traditional boundaries by leveraging the interdisciplinary nature of QIS and partnerships to drive exploratory, early-stage research focused on impactful discoveries aligned with both HEP science goals and advancements in foundational QIS and related scientific areas. The research conducted through this program aims to benefit the public within the mission space authorized by Congress for HEP, by expanding human knowledge of the physical universe and fostering the development of advanced technologies that support the program’s mission.

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