Disney introducing live sports to Disney+

ESPN Comes to Disney+: Previewing the Future of Streaming Sports

Disney+ is following the trend of streaming services offering live sports to viewers. CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney+ will be adding ESPN content before the end of the calendar year, including select live games and studio programming within the Disney+ app. This move is seen as a precursor to the launch of an enhanced standalone ESPN streaming service in the fall of 2025.

Disney is in the process of finalizing an agreement with Fox Sports and Warner Bros. Discovery to launch a sports streaming service that will carry games from major sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. This move aligns with a trend among streaming services like Amazon, Apple, and Max, who have also invested in live sports programming to attract and retain subscribers.

Live sports are considered a key driver for subscribers to streaming services, as they are seen as must-watch content that can engage viewers and encourage them to stay on the platform. Disney+ is positioning itself to capitalize on this trend by introducing ESPN content to its platform and setting the stage for a standalone ESPN streaming service in the future.

Details about the amount of ESPN programming on Disney+ are still limited, but Iger mentioned that only a “modest” amount will be available, likely to drive subscribers to the paid ESPN option. Earlier this year, Disney+ added some Hulu programming, which helped the service become profitable in the first three months of this year, bringing in $47 million for the company.

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