Carbon Credit Consulting Business Launched by ERM

ERM Launches ERM Climate Markets to Help Companies Achieve Decarbonization Goals through Carbon Credit Portfolios and Due Diligence

ERM, a leading sustainability advisory firm, has announced the launch of ERM Climate Markets, a new business line focused on helping companies invest in carbon credits to achieve their decarbonization goals. With the increasing demand for carbon offset projects and credits, this new business aims to provide high-quality carbon credit portfolios aligned with clients’ decarbonization actions.

ERM Climate Markets will also work with project developers to provide clients with opportunities for high-quality carbon projects that deliver positive climate, community, and ecosystem outcomes. The team will offer enhanced due diligence to help clients de-risk their investments.

Alex Cox, Head of Climate Markets at ERM, emphasized the importance of carbon markets in achieving global net zero goals by 2050 while acknowledging the need for increased scrutiny on the quality and impact of investments. Despite the growing market for carbon offsets, challenges such as difficulty in distinguishing between high and low-quality projects and insufficient data to assess project effectiveness remain.

ERM sees this new business line as a way to further support its clients’ efforts in achieving sustainability goals. The firm already works with clients at every stage of their decarbonization journeys and aims to meet their evolving needs by introducing ERM Climate Markets.

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