Fraud Cases Prompt EnergyVision to Disable QR Payments at Public Charging Points

EnergyVision Disables Ad Hoc Payments via QR Codes due to Fraudulent Activities

EnergyVision, a prominent energy company known for providing solar panels and charging stations, has temporarily disabled ad hoc payments via QR codes at public charging points due to fraudulent activities involving fake QR stickers. The company, which counts entrepreneur Marc Coucke as an investor, announced this information on social media. They advised customers to only use their charging cards for secure payments and to contact their bank if they have recently paid via a QR code.

According to reports, about a hundred individuals have been affected by the fraud, with each losing 300 euros. Maarten Michielssens, the CEO of EnergyVision, stated that only 5 percent of their customers use QR codes for payments, with the majority using charging cards. The company has taken action by filing a complaint against the fraudsters responsible for this criminal activity.

The fraudulent QR codes were placed on charging stations at approximately twenty locations. When individuals scanned the codes, they were directed to a webpage for payment. After making the payment, an error message would appear, but the fraudsters managed to withdraw 300 euros from the victim’s account. Despite the error message, users were able to proceed with the payment, unknowingly falling victim to the scam.

In addition to the issue with fraudulent QR codes, it is important for users to exercise caution when navigating unfamiliar websites and to stay informed about potential scams or fraudulent activities. It is recommended that users verify any suspicious websites or links before making any financial transactions or entering personal information.

EnergyVision has also emphasized that their website listing provided in the content seems to be unrelated and potentially misleading. Customers are urged to double-check any information they receive from external sources before taking any action.

The company has apologized for any inconvenience caused by this incident and promised to take steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. They will continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies and financial institutions

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