Berkeley Chamber to Host Legislative Delegation Luncheon for Local Businesses

Business Leaders Unite with Elected Officials at Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Legislative Delegation Luncheon

The Berkeley Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Legislative Delegation Luncheon on Friday, May 10th at the Lowcountry Conference Center in Summerville. This event offers business leaders an opportunity to connect with policymakers on issues important to the business community. By fostering open communication and idea exchange, the luncheon aims to support business growth, job creation, and economic development.

Sen. Brian Adams, Sen. Ronnie Sabb, Sen. Vernon Stephens, and Rep. Joe Jefferson have been invited to attend the event as members of the legislative delegation. These officials will share insights on legislative priorities and initiatives impacting the region, offering attendees a valuable opportunity to network with both business leaders and elected officials.

The Berkeley Chamber of Commerce encourages all members of the business community to participate in this important luncheon. It is a chance for businesses to directly engage with policymakers, voice their concerns, and advocate for issues critical to their success. To register for the event or learn more about it, visit or contact 843-761-8238 or 843-577-9549

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