Bo Nix to Don No. 10 Broncos Jersey

Breaking News: Denver Broncos QB Bo Nix Keeps Familiar Number, Other Players Also Announce Jerseys

The Denver Broncos have announced that quarterback Bo Nix will be keeping his number from his college and high school days, wearing the No. 10 jersey for the team. Nix’s decision to stick with his familiar number means that the other quarterbacks on the Broncos’ roster will be changing numbers. Initially, Zach Wilson was assigned No. 10 after being traded to the Broncos from the Jets, but he graciously gave up the number for Nix. Wilson will now wear No. 4, previously worn by Jarrett Stidham before he switched to No. 8 for the upcoming season.

In addition to Nix and Wilson, the Broncos also revealed the jersey numbers for their other draft picks. Outside linebacker Jonah Elliss will wear No. 52, wide receiver Troy Franklin will wear No. 16, cornerback Kris Abrams-Draine will wear No. 31, running back Audric Estime will wear No. 37, wide receiver Devaughn Vele will wear No. 81, and guard Nick Gargiulo will wear No. 66. Each player will now have their respective numbers as they begin their journey with the Denver Broncos.

The news of Nix keeping his familiar number is exciting for fans as they get to see their favorite player in action once again in a new team colors.

It is also noteworthy that Wilson graciously gave up his assigned number for Nix without any hesitation or complaints, which shows great team spirit and respect towards his fellow players.

Overall, this move by the Broncos shows that they are committed to giving each player a unique identity on the field while also working together as a team towards a common goal of winning championships.

The announcement of jersey numbers is just one aspect of getting ready for training camp and preseason games but it’s an important step in building camaraderie and creating a sense of unity among players.

Fans can’t wait to see these new players in action and cheering them on as they take on some of the best teams in NFL history this season!

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