Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Music at Dexter High School

Breaking New Ground: Dexter High School Introduces Music Technology Course to Prepare Students for 21st Century Industries

A new course is set to be introduced at Dexter High School that aligns with the school’s strategic plan of preparing students for the 21st century by integrating technology into education. The course, named Music Technology, aims to foster creativity, critical thinking, and technological proficiency in students to give them skills relevant to modern industries.

Grace Wolfe, the Director of Bands at DHS, presented the proposal for the new course to the school board, which was approved during the meeting on April 29. Wolfe highlighted the importance of offering a course in Music Technology at DHS, stating that it would equip students with skills relevant to contemporary music production and technology-driven music industries. The course will provide students with an opportunity to explore creativity using digital tools and gain a deeper understanding of music beyond traditional methods.

Students participating in the Music Technology course will have access to various software, technologies, musical devices, and live sampling. Wolfe emphasized that the course is designed for students with diverse musical backgrounds, experience levels, and interests, creating an environment where they can collaborate and inspire one another.

The course is expected to cover core concepts such as digital audio production, sound design, music software proficiency, electronic composition

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