Enhancing Women’s Health and Gender-Affirming Care in Internal Medicine Residency through Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Breaking Barriers: Interdisciplinary Curriculum Enhances Resident Learning and Readiness in Women’s Health

In recent years, an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum has been successfully integrated into Internal Medicine residency programs, focusing on women’s health, gender-affirming care, and health disparities. Developed by a team led by Janet Henrich, MD, the curriculum includes half-day modules on interconnected topics, emphasizing health equity and interactive learning. Since its inception in 2015, this curriculum has been implemented for approximately 175 residents each year, with the impact evaluated through anonymous surveys.

The data from 2022-2023 indicated that 90% of the 131 resident respondents felt adequately prepared to apply the skills they had acquired. Over the years, there has been a consistent upward trend in residents’ comfort with the material, attributed to the curriculum’s interactive teaching methods and direct learning experiences involving community members and peers. This novel educational approach has effectively enhanced resident learning and readiness, setting a precedent for similar programs across medical training institutions.

The team involved hopes to replicate this success in other medical training programs, emphasizing critical issues in women’s health, gender-affirming care, and promoting an equitable healthcare environment. For further insights on this topic, one can refer to the article “It Takes a Village: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Preparing Internal Medicine Residents to Care for Patients at the Intersection of Women’s Health, Gender-Affirming Care

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