PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A exclusive functionality Saturday at Independence Mall. A group of musicians played some uncommon instruments, in an work to break a globe record.

Tia Sadler was out enjoying the lovely climate close to Liberty Bell Center Saturday morning when she stumbled upon a band produced completely of brass instruments.

“I like the substantial bassy sounds like that,” Sadler mentioned. “Like deep tones. So, yeah, this is quite cool.”

The band gathered for a unique cause.

They are attempting to break a Guinness Globe Record for the most quantity of bass saxophones performing in a single spot. A bass saxophone is a huge saxophone with reduce pitches.

“At the moment, we have 17 bass saxophones playing and two contrabasses,” Christian Halpin mentioned.

Organizer Halpin, who is a mummer from the Ferko String Band, says it took months of preparing to bring all these musicians collectively from across the nation.

Guests at the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia have been treated to a unique functionality now by 17 bass saxophonists and two contrabass saxophonists. The group, lead by a Mummer, is attempting to break a Guinness Globe Record for most bass saxophones performing in a single spot.

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“I really feel energetic,” Halpin mentioned. “It is anything intriguing to bring to the globe since Philly’s the only spot exactly where you have this quantity of bass saxophones. Perhaps about 1,000 have been ever developed and about one hundred of them reside in the higher Philly location.”

Some of the musicians came from as far away as Indiana, San Diego, and the United Kingdom for this record-breaking try.

“It is anything unique,” bass saxophone player Jonathan Shaw mentioned. “It is going to be fantastic to be element of such a huge gathering of this impressive instrument.”

Halpin says if the band does break a globe record, it would be hard for any individual else to prime it due to the rarity of the contrabass.

“It is really seldom produced and if it is, it really is really uncommon to have music for it,” Halpin mentioned. “So you practically have to make arrangements for the contrabass.”

The group hopes to understand quickly whether or not they set a record.

In the meantime, Halpin is hoping to turn this gathering into an annual occasion so the group can continue to share their really like of the saxophone.

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