Crothall Healthcare and Ascendco Health join forces in new partnership

Ascendco and Crothall Join Forces to Revolutionize Surgical Instrument Tracking and Sterile Processing

In a joint effort to improve surgical instrument tracking and quality in sterile instrument processing, Ascendco Healthcare and Crothall Healthcare have teamed up. Through the use of Crothall’s data-driven processes and Ascendco’s advanced instrument tracking technology, the partnership aims to provide sterile processing professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve optimal efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety.

Crothall Healthcare specializes in sterile processing and support services, bringing a 90 percent improvement in audit compliance and productivity gains of up to 62 percent to the industry. Meanwhile, Ascendco is renowned for developing instrument tracking technology like the Sonar Tracking System, designed to monitor instruments throughout the surgical workflow. This technology will play a crucial role in the partnership between the two companies.

By working together, Ascendco and Crothall anticipate significant improvements for sterile processing departments across the nation. By utilizing Ascendco’s advanced tracking technology and combining it with Crothall’s expertise, the companies aim to optimize instrument efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance overall quality assurance in sterile processing. The collaboration is expected to bring significant benefits for healthcare facilities striving to streamline their sterile instrument processing operations.

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