Ghanaian Man Breaks World Record by Hugging Most Trees in One Hour

A 29-Year-Old Student Sets New Guinness World Record Hugging Trees: Abubakar Tahiru Breaks Previous Record of 700 Tree Hugs in Just One Hour While Fasting for Ramadan

A 29-year-old forestry student from Ghana, Abubakar Tahiru, has recently set a new Guinness World Record by hugging an impressive 1,123 trees in just one hour. The record-breaking attempt took place at the Tuskegee National Forest in Alabama, where Mr Tahiru had to maintain a brisk pace and average nearly 19 tree hugs per minute to break the previous record of 700 tree hugs.

To achieve this feat, Mr Tahiru had to follow strict rules that ensured no tree was harmed during the attempt and repeat hugs were not allowed. Despite these challenges, his dedication to nature and record-breaking was evident in his accomplishment. In an interview with Guinness World Records, Mr Tahiru expressed how rewarding it felt to achieve this world record while also highlighting the importance of trees in the ecosystem and the urgent need for environmental conservation.

The video of his record-breaking feat has since garnered over 900,000 views and numerous comments from social media users praising his achievement. What made this record attempt even more remarkable was the fact that Mr Tahiru was fasting for Ramadan and could not consume any water during the hour-long attempt. His physical exertion and lack of water posed a significant challenge, but he managed to surpass the minimum requirement of 700 tree hugs to become the first holder of this record. His perseverance and dedication to the cause of environmental conservation are truly inspiring.

In conclusion, Abubakar Tahiru’s achievement is a testament to human resilience and determination when it comes to preserving our planet’s natural resources. His dedication to environmental conservation is commendable, and we hope that others will be inspired by his example to take action towards protecting our planet’s forests and other natural habitats.

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