Reviewing the Differences: Xi Jinping’s State Visit to France

Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron’s Meeting in Paris: Little Progress on Political and Geostrategic Issues

During his tour of Europe, Xi Jinping met with Emmanuel Macron in Paris. The two presidents faced challenges in their political and geostrategic efforts, resulting in little progress.

Macron, known for his friendly charm and persuasion skills, hoped to achieve meaningful dialogue with Xi. However, the meeting did not yield any major announcements, with Xi only making non-binding promises on various issues.

China experts had provided warnings and advice on engaging with the Chinese president despite human rights concerns leading up to Xi’s visit. His decision to visit Paris first on his European trip raised questions about strategic calculations, particularly in light of France’s position as a major EU power.

Xi’s choice of France as his first European destination could be linked to France’s historical recognition of the People’s Republic. China may see France as a potential ally in maintaining a “third way” between blocs, especially considering strained transatlantic relations.

During Xi’s visit, Macron emphasized the importance of European sovereignty in defense and the arms industry, signaling that France is not looking to make separate agreements with China. Despite the ceremonial events and gestures during Xi’s visit, diplomatic tensions remained unresolved.

The visit highlighted trade issues between China and the EU, including investigations into dumping practices related to spirits exports. Xi’s responses to concerns about overcapacity and the conflict in Ukraine were met with continued disagreements and lack of progress.

Overall, Xi’s visit to France concluded without significant achievements or breakthroughs

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