Tatnuck Meat & Seafood shuts its doors in Worcester after half a century

Worcester Bids Farewell to Iconic Meat and Seafood Store: A Half-Century of Memories Come to An End

For 50 years, the community of Worcester was graced with the presence of Tatnuck Meat and Seafood. Located on Pleasant St at 1100A, this one-floor building had been home to this iconic business. However, after a long run in operation, the store has permanently closed its doors. The decision to shut down was made due to declining business and health issues faced by longtime owner and founder Harvey Slarskey.

Slarskey’s son Michael stepped in to help with the family business three years ago when his father’s health began to decline. He expressed gratitude to their loyal customers over the years and acknowledged that 50 years in business is quite an accomplishment. However, closing the store was a difficult decision for him as well.

Harvey Slarskey founded the store as Tatnuck Meats Market when he was in his 30s. Before starting his own business, he worked in the cattle industry. The store quickly gained popularity among customers in nearby areas for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Slarskey took pride in building relationships with his customers on a first-name basis.

In 2011, the store expanded its product offerings by adding seafood to its name. This move allowed them to cater to a wider range of customers and broaden their horizons beyond just meat products. Harvey Slarskey dedicated himself wholeheartedly to his business, often arriving at work hours before the store opened to ensure that only top-quality products were sold. He believed that quality should always come before quantity and was proud of having received few complaints over their 40 years of operation.

The closing of Tatnuck Meat and Seafood marks the end of an era for this beloved Worcester institution. Harvey Slarskey’s commitment to providing top-notch meats and seafood to his customers will be remembered as part of their legacy forever.

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