Iowa vs. LSU Game Becomes the Most Popular Betting Event in Women’s Sports History

Women’s Sports Betting Surges: Unlocking the Untapped Market of Female Bettors

The surge in interest in women’s sports has coincided with a significant increase in betting on these events. This is attributed to the emergence of superstar talents like Caitlin Clark and growing valuations of women’s sports franchises. ESPN reported that the viewership of the women’s Sweet 16 reached an all-time high, showing a 96% increase from the previous year. This increased viewership has translated into record activity on women’s sports betting.

Despite the growing interest in betting on women’s sports, only 26% of bettors are women, according to the American Gaming Association. This presents a significant opportunity for sportsbooks to tap into a largely untapped market of female bettors. The recent LSU-Iowa game captured the attention of fans with a highly anticipated rematch between iconic players Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, coached by Kim Mulkey.

FanDuel’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Karol Corcoran, noted the unprecedented interest in women’s sports betting and expressed excitement about the upcoming Final Four matchups. DraftKings and BetMGM also reported strong activity on women’s basketball games on Monday night, with the games surpassing the popularity of NBA and MLB events. Looking ahead to the Final Four, FanDuel predicts Iowa as a 2.5 point favorite over UConn and South Carolina as an 11.5 point favorite over NC State. Fan excitement and engagement with women’s sports betting is expected to continue to grow in the coming days.

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