Latvia Ranks Among EU Leaders in Women’s Representation in Science and Technology

Women Pioneering the STEM Sector: Insights from International Data Released on Women in Science and Technology

In the service sector, women make up a majority of the scientific and engineering workforce, accounting for 46% of the total. In contrast, only 22% of scientists and engineers in manufacturing are women.

Latvia stands out among EU Member States as a leader in terms of the proportion of women employed in science and technology. This category includes occupations involved in generating, advancing, diffusing, and applying scientific and technological knowledge, as well as technicians and associated professionals.

According to recent data released to coincide with International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11th, Lithuania was the region with the highest share of women employed in science and technology occupations in 2022. The French region of Corse also had a high proportion of females employed in this field. On the other hand, regions with smaller proportions of females employed included Malta, Nord-Ovest from Italy, Sud from Italy, and Sud from Italy.

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