Panthers left out of prime time in NFL schedule

Why the Carolina Panthers Are Struggling to Secure Prime Time Games: Analyzing Their 2024 NFL Schedule and Factors Holding Them Back

The Carolina Panthers are predicted to have a challenging season in the NFL according to various sources such as betting odds, fans, media, and even the NFL schedule. The 2024 NFL schedule highlights this expectation, as the Panthers are the only team without any prime time games scheduled. However, they do have one standalone game scheduled at 9:30 a.m. ET against the Giants in Munich, Germany in Week 10. This game will be the only time the Panthers will have the undivided attention of NFL fans.

Despite there being a possibility for the Panthers to be flexed into a national television time slot with flexible scheduling, they would need to perform much better than predicted. The NFL seems to be intentionally avoiding putting the Panthers in prime time slots for the season. The team will need to exceed expectations in order to secure a spot in prime time games and prove that they deserve more exposure on national television.

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