World Health Organization’s Monthly Operational Update on Health Emergencies: Issue 21 | March 2024

WHO’s Monthly Operational Update on Health Emergencies: Building Resilience Against Global Health Threats

The WHO’s monthly Operational Update on Health Emergencies highlights the organization’s work in preparedness and emergency response to global health crises. This update provides a comprehensive overview of WHO’s efforts to combat health emergencies effectively while also building resilience for future threats.

The update showcases the impact of key figures on WHO’s work in emergencies and emphasizes the importance of preparedness and readiness in tackling health crises. The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPW 14) protect pillar is given a special focus, highlighting the need for robust preparation and readiness in responding to health emergencies.

WHO covers several key areas in this update, including response to health emergencies, preparedness and readiness, operations support and logistics, as well as learning and capacity development for health emergencies. Each aspect plays a crucial role in WHO’s efforts to provide rapid and effective responses to health crises while also strengthening global health systems.

The update provides useful resources such as links to key documents, videos, and webinars related to WHO’s work in health emergencies. By staying informed through these updates, individuals can gain insight into the organization’s ongoing efforts to improve global health security and resilience in the face of emergencies.

Overall, the monthly Operational Update on Health Emergencies by WHO is an essential resource for anyone interested in learning more about the organization’s work in this area. It provides valuable information that can help individuals understand how they can contribute to building resilience against future health crises.

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