World Health Organization’s Monthly Update on Health Emergencies – Issue 22 | April 2024

WHO Magazine Highlights Key Figures on Health Emergency Work Amid 43 Ongoing Crises Worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted key figures on its work in emergencies in the latest issue of its magazine. The special feature focuses on the GPW 14 protect pillar, which includes response to health emergencies, preparedness and readiness, operations support, logistics, and learning and capacity development for health emergencies.

As of April 15th, 2024, WHO is currently responding to 43 graded emergencies worldwide. These are acute public health events that require either a moderate response (Grade-2) or a major/maximal response (Grade-3). If an emergency persists for more than six months, it may transition to a protracted emergency. The figures on graded emergencies are updated regularly based on inputs from WHO’s three levels.

In 2024, WHO released $21.5 million from the Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE) to fourteen health emergencies. The largest allocations were for the Dengue Global Outbreak, Israel and Palestine hostilities, and the Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Response. The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) supported 25 deployments in 2024, including responses to violence in Israel/Palestine, drought in the Greater Horn of Africa, and a cholera outbreak in Zambia. saw a total of 8.6 million enrollments in 270 online public health courses available in 72 languages. In 2024 alone, there were 255,000 enrollments. Standby Partners supported WHO’s response to thirteen graded emergencies with forty-three surge personnel deployed for a total of two hundred one hundred thirty months across eighteen WHO offices worldwide.


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