ASU’s Ding overwhelms college event, probably shatters NCAA record

Wenyi Ding’s 27-Under NCAA Record at Amer Ari Invitational: A Force to Be Reckoned With in Men’s College Golf

Wenyi Ding, an Arizona State freshman, has set a new NCAA record after his exceptional performance at the Amer Ari Invitational. Ding finished the prestigious tournament with a 27-under 189, which is believed to be an NCAA record. His outstanding round included 10 birdies and no bogeys, setting a program record for an 18-hole score in relation to par.

Ding’s impressive showing at the tournament follows his 17-under performance at the N.I.T. in December, where he finished second for Arizona State. With standout players like David Ford and Jackson Koivun on their teams, North Carolina and Auburn were still able to secure impressive final standings. Stanford also stood out, but ultimately failed to secure the finish they had hoped for.

Ding’s accomplishments have set him apart in his college career and have contributed to Arizona State’s success as a team. As he continues to perform at this level, Ding has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in men’s college golf.

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