Kamala Harris, Vice President, discusses economy, housing, and student loan debt in Milwaukee

Vice President Harris Takes on Economic Inequality with Her ‘Opportunity Tour’ in Wisconsin

On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Milwaukee as part of her Economic Opportunity Tour. This was her fourth visit to Wisconsin this year and marked the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to improving economic opportunity for all Americans.

During the event, actor and comedian D.L. Hughley joined Harris on stage as she highlighted the administration’s efforts to relieve Americans of crippling debt. She emphasized that medical debt is no longer included in credit scores and over $150 billion of student loan debt has been forgiven for more than four million Americans. Harris also spoke about doubling debt forgiveness for public servants such as nurses, firefighters, and teachers.

The main focus of Harris’ Economic Opportunity Tour is to promote equality and provide economic opportunities for all Americans. She announced initiatives to provide financial literacy information and assistance in applying for loans, including small business loans. Harris emphasized the belief in second chances by ensuring that individuals with a criminal record are not automatically ineligible for small business loans.

During the event, Harris announced $40 million in awards to housing counseling agencies around the country, including new funding for agencies in Wisconsin. After visiting Milwaukee, Harris traveled to Chicago before returning to Washington D.C., marking her continued dedication to improving economic opportunities across the country.

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