Mayor of Uvalde steps down due to health concerns

Uvalde Mayor and Police Chief Resign Amidst Controversy and Health Concerns Following School Shooting Incident

Uvalde Mayor Cody Smith and Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez have both resigned from their positions in the same week, leaving the city to face a new chapter. The resignation of Smith follows two years after one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history occurred. The mayor thanked the community for their support during his recovery from health issues but did not provide further details on his reasons for resignation. Meanwhile, Rodriguez announced his resignation effective April 6, citing it as time for a new chapter in his career without mentioning the shooting incident that took place under his leadership.

The controversial report conducted by private investigator Jesse Prado was commissioned by the city to defend the actions of local officers during the response to the school shooting in May 2022. Last week, a meeting of the Uvalde City Council was postponed due to concerns about Mayor Smith’s health, and this week they are set to meet and discuss Prado’s findings in a private session following Smith’s resignation. Prado was paid $97,000 for his investigation according to city council records, and last month he presented his findings in a city council meeting leading to emotional reactions from victims’ families and the community.

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