The trial of a man suspected of obtaining millions in development loans with lies begins

Uros Trial Begins Over Gross Aid Fraud: What You Need to Know About the Defunct Tech Company

The trial of suspected crimes in the operations of the defunct technology company Uros begins today in the district court. The founders of the company, Jyrki Hallikai and Tommi Uharia, are accused of gross aid fraud. According to criminal suspicion, Business Finland was tricked into giving Uroksen loans and grants worth over six million euros. During the preliminary investigation, the suspects denied any involvement in the alleged crime.

The case concerns product development loans and grants worth more than six million euros that Uros received from Business Finland in the 2010s. At the time of the alleged crime in 2011-2015, Uhari was CEO of the company while Hallikainen served as chairman of its board. However, Uhari left Uros some years ago while Hallikainen has remained its main owner.

Uros declared bankruptcy at the beginning of 2022, with debts amounting to at least 13.5 million euros and only about 14,000 euros in cash. The trial begins with a preparatory session where both accused are not obligated to participate. The main hearing is scheduled to begin in April when prosecutor’s subpoena and police’s preliminary investigation will be published for public viewing.

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