Kalamazoo Public Safety Announces Technology Upgrade Plans

Upgrading Technology: Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Reaches $9 Million Contract with Axon Enterprises

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety has recently approved a $9 million contract to upgrade its electronic equipment. This update is crucial, as the department’s patrol car mounted cameras are 20 years old, and its body cams are seven years old, making them outdated in terms of technology. Chief Dave Boysen emphasized that the age of the equipment has made it difficult to find parts and maintain reliability.

To address this issue, the department will transition to the cloud to handle the video data coming from the 219 body cams and 61 car cams they use. The new system will also incorporate a feature that activates the camera automatically when an officer draws their gun or Taser, improving the functionality of the equipment.

One of the department’s priorities is to replace their Tasers with new models, especially as the weather gets colder. The 10-year contract with Axon Enterprises includes training programs, regular maintenance, equipment upgrades, and unlimited data storage. Last week, the deal was approved by commissioners, ensuring that the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety will have reliable and up-to-date technology for years to come.

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