“There has been a guilty silence, I’m here to ask for forgiveness,” says Meloni as she meets with Tajani in Basovizza

Unveiling Trieste’s Train of Remembrance: A Tribute to the Foibe Massacres and a Call for History to be Honored

Giorgia Meloni, the Italian Prime Minister, addressed the citizens gathered on the Carso plateau north-east of Trieste on this solemn day of remembrance for the foibe massacres and Julian-Dalmatian exodus. She acknowledged her previous visits to the site and reaffirmed her commitment to ensure that the memory of what happened never fades away. The Day of Remembrance was established in 2004 as a way to remember those innocent people who were killed, but also to seek forgiveness on behalf of the institutions of the Republic for their guilt in maintaining a conspiracy of silence around these events for decades.

Meloni spoke directly to those brave enough to endure the freezing wind that morning, paying tribute to those lost in the massacres and exodus. She spoke specifically about Track 2 at Trieste Central Station, which marks the end of “memory” with the inauguration of Train of Remembrance – a museum train that will be an inspiring reminder of how resilience and dignity can overcome adversity.

The Train of Remembrance is an excellent example of how history should not be forgotten, but rather honored and celebrated. It is hoped that this museum train will serve as a beacon for future generations, reminding them never to forget or erase history. It is important to remember all past events so that we can learn from them and prevent similar mistakes from happening again.

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